Nanette Marx

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My name is Nanette Marx and I am originally from Aiea, HI. In 2005 I moved to Provo, UT to attend BYU and worked for the duration of my undergraduate program in the Multicultural Student Services office working primarily on the Summer of Academic Refinement (SOAR) program. I took 18 months off to serve an LDS mission in Nebraska and returned in 2010 to continue my degree, graduating in 2011 in Family Life. I then worked for a year in the Student Athlete Academic Center as their Administrative Assistant and returned to BYU to receive my MPA degree in 2012. While going to school full-time I worked in the Graduate Student Society, first as VP of events and then as the President. In my final year I also had the opportunity to work as a Graduate Academic Advisor in the University Advisement Center working with incoming students and undecided majors. Upon graduation I began working at Utah Valley University as a Project Manager in Development and Alumni. I am very excited for this opportunity to once again work at BYU and assist students in the MMBio department. I am passionate about helping students and grateful for the chance I have to work with all of you.

Favorite Food: Pizza and Japanese Food

Favorite place to eat: Yamato’s, Sushi Ya, Thai Rubi, pizza places (:

Favorite Movie: Action movies, like the marvel movies (funny & action)

Favorite hobby: Sports or cooking/baking

Favorite sport to watch: Football, basketball, or volleyball

Favorite sport to play: Ultimate Frisbee and Wallyball

Favorite things to bake: Anything, maybe especially cake/cupcakes

What’s your claim to fame?

I’m in a BYU commercial with Jimmer (:

My childhood photo is in a Studio C skit.

Also, I guess this’ll be cool after November – I’ve been immortalized in stained glass for the UVU project!

Why did you decide to work at BYU?

Love the school, culture, and mission of BYU and wanted to help students.

Darin Stephens

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  • Favorite Food - Steak (Meat)
  • Favorite book - Book of Mormon
  • Favorite movie - Lord of the Rings - Return of the King
  • Why you chose to work at BYU - Atmosphere, Work ethics of employees that work there, and Stability.
  • One interesting thing most people probably don’t know about you - I have only 1 kidney.

Darin married his best friend, Maureen, 26 years ago. They have five boys who have all served missions. The Stephens’ two youngest boys are twins, and so at one point in time they had three of their sons serving missions all at the same time! Their sons served in Frankfurt, Germany; Billings, Montana; Rome, Italy; Nuku’alofa, Tonga; and Columbus, Ohio. Darin and Maureen currently live in Palmyra, Utah. They have six acres of land on which they raise horses, cows, and dogs. They love to enjoy the outdoors as a family, and often go camping and horseback riding. Their favorite place to camp is Kings Creek Campground by Bryce Canyon.

Carolyn Vermeulen

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She's from Durban, South Africa, but moved to Klerksdorp and Bloemfontein.
She's been married to her best friend Mark for 28 years and they have 3 amazing children together.
Her hobbies include hiking, rock-climbing, repelling, skate-boarding, zip-lining, watching rugby and reading adventure novels.
Her favorite Disney character is Princess Merida of DunBroch from Brave, who she says she totally relates to.
She is a huge Harry Potter Fan (She cried when Dobby died).
Her favorite scent is Orange and Ginger, but she also loves Lavender.
Something that is shocking about her is that she loves to ride big motorbikes – she had one in South Africa but sold it when she was pregnant with her first child. She also worked at the Bloemfontein Zoo and her first love was a big chimpanzee named Charlie.
Her favorite thing about work is everything! She have never had the opportunity to work with members of her own faith. Both faculty and staff are so friendly and helpful and have made her feel very much at home. She feels truly blessed to be here.
Her least favorite thing about work is not having her "Mormon tea" break like she had back in South Africa.
If she could take any member of TEAMLife with her to be stranded on a desert island she would choose would Carolyn Hanson. First of all, according to Carolyn Vermeulen, Carolyn Hanson has the perfect name. Carolyn Vermeulen doesn't eat nuts, Carolyn Hanson is allergic to nuts. Since Carolyn Vermeulen started working here Carolyn Hanson has had her back and is someone she can rely on. Carolyn Vermeulen says that Carolyn Hanson is , "just plain perfect, and that’s all I'll need."

Heidi Graham

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She's from Bountiful, UT.
She plays the French horn, loves horsemanship, and studied political science.
If she could eat the same thing for breakfast for a month it would be danish pastries, fruit and yogurt.
If she could be any Disney character, she would be Belle, because she loves to read.
She enjoys outdoor activities (camping, hiking, cross country, etc), reading, painting or music.
Her favorite scent is the smell of Christmas-pine trees, cinnamon, etc..
She has too many memorable experiences to name just one, but maybe attending the Rexburg Temple dedication in the sealing room there or her mission to Taiwan are some memorable ones.
Her favorite thing about work is supervising the Publicity Team in the MMBIO department, doing recruitment and events.
Her least favorite thing about work is the paperwork, and the hiring process.
If she could take any member of TEAMLife with her to be stranded on a desert island she would choose one of our CSRs-because they think so logically and always seem to solve her problems that she so often calls them with, so maybe they could build a radio out of island debri and figure out how to get off the island the quickest.